Browser Isolation Proxy


A browser isolation proxy designed to physically isolate viruses, malware and
cyber threats away from your local machine and networks.

Webshark™ is a browser isolation proxy that lets you quickly connect any web browser to a hosted Safeweb Engine and begin physically isolating all of your web browsing activity.

Freedom To Use The Internet
Without Worrying About Malware

Secure Internet

Webshark™ secures your browsing activity by encrypting the connection between your browser and a hosted Safeweb Engine.

Clean Internet

Web pages are first rendered on the Safeweb Engine before being pushed back through Webshark to your browser to the user.

Sanitized Internet

Web pages are abstracted into their basic elements, stripped of surplus code and re-encoded in isolation before being displayed.

Safer Internet

Physically isolating your internet browsing activity through Webshark prevents malware from being executed on your machine.

Clean & sanitize your web pages
in real-time before viewing them.

When you use the Webshark browser isolation proxy the webpages that you see are 'sanitized' versions of the originals. First we physically isolate a web page that you browse to and render it on a physically isolated server, we then deconstruct the web page, stripping out any surplus (and potentially malicious) code and rebuild the page element-by-element in real time before displaying the sanitzed page in your browser. The end result is a physically isolated web page that has been completely cleaned of any potentially malicious code, one that looks and feels exactly like the original.

Physically isolate your internet browsing
activity into 'disposable' containers.

The Webshark™ browser proxy physically isolates your web browsing activity into 'disposable' containers on a hosted Safeweb Engine, ensuring that any malicious code or malware loaded upon display is executed within the confines of a physically isolated container. Malware is unable to get a foothold on your local machine or escape the confines of its container, it is then destroyed along with the container when you close your browser or a tab.

Try the beta Webshark browser isolation proxy.

The Webshark browser proxy needs to connect to a hosted Safeweb Engine in order to work. If you wish to try out the Webshark Browser Proxy and host your own Safeweb Engine, you can join our Beta Program and begin protecting your users from malware, viruses and ransomware immediately. To sign up for our Beta Program send us an email from your corporate email address and a short message to

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