The Safeweb Engine™ is a browser isolation cyber security platform designed to physically isolate your users internet browsing activity into disposable containers.

Highly Scalable

The Safeweb Engine is built upon a container based architecture which enables you to support to millions of simultaneous browsing events.

Compared to appliance and virtualization based models, containers are significantly more scalable and efficient at scale.

Browser Isolation

The Safeweb Engine physically isolates web browsing into disposable containers hosted on a physically isolated server.

The web browsing activity of each browser tab is isolated into its own individual disposable container for maximum isolation security.

Cost Effective

The Safeweb Engine is the only cybersecurity platform with a container based architecture designed for cost effective scaling.

The container based architecture allows you to cost effectively isolate millions of browsers using commodity cloud servers.

Built For The NNSA

The Safeweb Engine was developed in collaboration with cybersecurity teams at the NNSA's Sandia National Laboratory.

We built the Safeweb Engine for the National Nuclear Security Administration to protect the US nuclear arsenal and laboratories.

Quickly Deploy the Safeweb Engine
onto a virtual or physical server.

The Safeweb Engine has been designed to be easy to install and set up on a physical, virtual or cloud server, so that your users can connect their browsers to the hosted Safeweb instance through the Webshark browser proxy and begin physically isolating their internet browsing activity. The Safeweb Engine is efficiently scalable and designed to accommodate thousands of simultaneous individual users on a server.

Malware Proof

Safeweb effectively protects users against malware by physically isolating browsing activity into disposable cloud containers.

Within the isolated container, webpages are stripped of malicious code and sanitized before being displayed to the user.

Webshark Proxy

The internal browser proxy allows users to quickly connect their web browser to Safeweb and begin isolating their internet browsing.

The webshark proxy can be configured with any browser and effectively isolates each individual browser tab into its own container.

Browser Acceleration

The Safeweb Engine accelerates browser performance, delivering webpages through our proprietary texture based display protocol.

Webpages are stripped of malicious code before being displayed, increasing load times and reducing display overhead.

Admin Control

Safeweb clouds containing millions of browsers can be centrally managed through our intuitive command and control portal.

Our administrative controls allow you to assign accounts, capacity and granular control over large scale Safeweb clouds.

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