The Safeweb Engine™ is a physical isolation cybersecurity platform, designed to physically isolate malware and provide users with 'disposable' desktops and browsers for one time use.

Teradici PCoIP

Through our partnership with Teradici, we embed the PCoIP technology as standard, delivering a high definition user experience.

PCoIP is natively integrated, allowing us to securely deliver disposable desktops and browsers that feel like native instances.

Microsoft RDP

The Safeweb Engine™ works well with Microsoft RDP and to lower costs you can leverage RDP when using Safeweb without issues.

RDP enables encryption, authentication and management, delivering a reasonable user experience for general use.


Our HTML5 client enables access to disposable instances via a web browser, delivering a reasonable user experience on any device.

With no software to download onto the client, users can access their Safeweb desktops and browsers through our secure web portal.

VMware Friendly

The Safeweb Engine™ is native to VMware ESXi and is compatible with other VMware technologies (ESX, vSphere and vCenter).

Install the Safeweb Engine onto any commodity server running ESXi (no SAN required) and start deploying disposable instances.

Grid Distributed

The Safeweb Engine™ has a grid distributed architecture and is designed to run on commodity servers, with no SAN required.

It encapsulates connection brokering, load balancing, instance provisioning, and management into a single functional appliance.

Stretch Clustering

The unique grid distributed architecture allows you to stretch cluster together different servers into a large scale Safeweb cloud.

Stretch clustering is scalable, meaning you can stretch cluster together servers, racks, cabinets and even data centers together.

Fit For Purpose

The Safeweb Engine™ is the only physical isolation cybersecurity platform that has a grid distributed architecture and stretch clustering.

Tailor made and specifically designed to deploy disposable desktops and browsers for Safeweb cybersecurity purposes.

Proprietary Codebase

Because we develop the Safeweb Engine code base, we are able to custom configure our software to meet your specific requirements.

We can quickly and easily adapt our engine to suit almost any technical requirement, including hypervisor dependencies.

Download the Safeweb Engine PDF