Safeweb Engine | Browser Isolation At Scale

The Safeweb Engine is a browser isolation cyber security platform that allows you to physically isolate your internet browsers and proactively defend your organization from the threat of malware, ransomware and cyberattack. The Safeweb Engine has been developed by tuCloud and designed to be easy to install and set up on a physical, virtual or cloud servers, so that your users can quickly connect their browsers via our browser proxy and begin physically isolating their internet browsing activity. The Safeweb Engine is grid distributed and massively scalable, capable of delivering a native browsing experience to millions of simultaneous internet users on the same platform.

The Safeweb Engine is built upon a unique container based architecture which enables you to support millions of simultaneous browsing instances on commodity hardware, with no SAN required. When compared to appliance and virtualization based architectures, container based architectures are significantly more cost effective and efficient at scale, requiring up to ten times less server infrastructure. The Safeweb Engine physically isolates all web browsing activity, as well as the individual browser tabs into disposable containers hosted on a physically isolated server, with each tab isolated into its own non-persistent container for maximum isolation security.

Please note that the Safeweb Engine platform is only available to federal and enterprise customers, if you are a private individual, small group of proeffesionals or a small-to-medium sized business, we offer a fully managed and fully hosted remote browsing solution. Please see our remote browsing page for more details.

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We have been working with different browser isolation technologies for close to a decade.

Safeweb Engine Snapshot

The Safeweb model is a proprietary browser isolation cybersecurity platform
built for the with Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories.

Patent Pending Technology

The Safeweb Engine is a patent pending platform, developed by tuCloud's own software engineers.

Cost Effective

Compared to virtualization based solutions, the Safeweb Engine is incredibly cost effective.

API Rich

The Safeweb Engine can easily be extended and integrated into third party cybersecurity platforms.

Container Based

A highly efficient container based architecture, enabling cost effective large scale deployments.

Highly Configurable

Easy to configure, with our intuitive management portal giving you granular control.

Award Winning

Global Defense & Security Review Cybersecurity Award winner 'Best Browser Isolation Platform'.

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