About tuCloud Federal Inc.

A federal contractor
focused on cybersecurity.

tuCloud Federal Inc. is a federal government contractor focused on physical isolation cybersecurity. We are proud CAGE code holders and fully registered with DLA.mil and SAM.gov.

NNSA Friendly

The Safeweb model was developed in collaboration with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). We worked closely with cybersecurity teams at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) to develop a cybersecurity model which leveraged the principle of physical isolation in web browsing. NNSA/DoE facilities automatically qualify for a 75% discount.

Key Stakeholders

The name "Safeweb" is used across the National Nuclear Security Administration to describe the platform that many laboratories use to connect to the public internet in a safe way. The name "Safeweb" was first coined by the Safeweb project team of which we were a key stakeholder and we have patents pending for the Safeweb Engine™, a proprietary platform first developed by tuCloud Federal Inc.

Deeply Experienced

As the original Safeweb pioneers, tuCloud is deeply experienced at building Safeweb clouds for cyber security purposes and we have previously built Safeweb clouds for a number of federal agencies and defense contractors. Our senior management, advisory and development teams are made up of deeply experienced technical professionals focused on the physical isolation cybersecurity space.

Proprietary Tech

The Safeweb Engine™ is a proprietary technology developed by tuCloud Federal Inc, designed and developed by our Chief Technology Officer with help from our development team and advice from NNSA cybersecurity teams. We built our own platform from scratch to specification, we control the code base and security markers and are able to customize Safeweb Engines to your needs and specifications.

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