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Virtual Desktop Superhero


We are a team of desktop superheroes
and we eat desktop clouds for breakfast.

Virtual desktops and applications on your fondleslab !

Custom DaaS Clouds

We are the original DaaS Engineers, we specialize in building private DaaS clouds to your specification.

A little piece of virtual desktop nirvana.

Safeweb Cyber defence

We pioneered the Safeweb cyber defence model in collaboration with the US Federal Government.

vector art

Desktops as a Service (DaaS)

We can provide fully hosted Desktops-as-a-Service for as little as a dollar a day per user.


Onsite Daas Cloud Building

We can build a DaaS cloud for you, or show you how to build your own, let us support your project.


Safeweb Hosting


We provide fully hosted Safeweb clouds, developed in partnership with the US Federal Government.


DaaS Guru Consultancy

We can provide you with DaaS Consultants and we operate a full-service DaaS Consultancy.

We are a veteran team of DaaS professionals focused on desktop and application delivery.

tuCloud means your cloud, we help make your DaaS cloud happen.